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On the homepage, click on the lottery you wish to play. You will be taken to a ticket page where you can choose your own set of numbers or click on the magic wand icon to have the numbers randomly chosen for you. Once you're begun selecting numbers, the magic wand icon will be replaced by a trash can icon. Clicking on the trash can icon will remove your selected numbers and the magic wand will once again appear as an option. Once you're satisfied with the number selection, click on the button to purchase your ticket. You will be prompted to either pay with MetaMask or to transfer funds directly from your Ethereum wallet to the lottery smart contract address (for more advanced users). After the purchase, if you're still feeling lucky, go back and buy more tickets there is no waiting period and no limit to the number of lottery tickets you can buy. For each lotto, the system will stop accepting new lottery tickets one hour before the draw. All tickets purchased after that time will be automatically transferred to the next drawing round. Once a winner is selected, the automated payout will take from 30 seconds to several hours for the system to transfer funds to the winning account. To view results and statistics, go to the tickets section of the site and enter the address of the wallet that you used to purchase the tickets.

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